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What is the Mobilise Innovation Fund?

This is an initiative within the Inspiring Ipswich project to give seed funding to churches/small teams in the Ipswich Deanery to initiate new worshipping communities (or to develop their missional capacity with a view to starting a new worshipping community) during 2023 - 2024.


In September 2021, the available award was been increased to £500 per application. This is reviewed quarterly. Any subsequent changes will be updated on this web page and communicated.


The application process

1. All applicants should discuss their initial proposal ideas with one of the Inspiring Ipswich Pioneer Developers.  If you are not already working with a Pioneer Developer, please contact so that we can connect you with the most appropriate member of the team to assist you.


2. Applications are invited by 1 June, 1 September, 1 December and 1 March.


3. The Mission Innovation Fund Committee will convene on a quarterly basis to consider submitted applications.  The outcome for your application will be sent by email to the contact named on your application form within two weeks of the quarterly submission deadline.


4. If your application is successful, a grant will be made to you within two weeks of the Committee meeting. You will also be advised who will be your assigned Pioneer Developer, who will support and advise you during the delivery of your project/proposal. 


5. If your application is unsuccessful, advice may be given by the Committee which will enable you to submit a revised application, if appropriate to do so. 


6. The grant must be spent within six months and feedback given on the difference it has made. This will involve completing a feedback form which includes sharing success stories and photos and, a short follow-up telephone interview. Where appropriate, the stories and photos will be shared within the Deanery, on Inspiring Ipswich and Diocesan websites and/or social media.

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Ready to fill out your application form?

Email to request the application pack

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