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“This project exists that all of Ipswich may
be inspired through local Anglican church communities, to live lives full of faith,
hope and love. Join the adventure!”  

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Archdeacon Rhiannon,

Project Director and

Archdeacon of Ipswich

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Below you can find out all about the project, why it exists, and above all... how individuals and churches are already playing their part...

We'd love for you to get more involved in this exciting mission...


Inspiring Ipswich is on a MISSION to increase our impact, help more people explore faith and make new disciples*
...and as with every Mission Impossible 
we have three challenges...

People who are learning to live and love like Jesus by following him...think of it like an apprentice! 


"Therefore GO and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and teaching them to obey all I have taught you."

- Jesus

1. There is a lot at stake 

2. The task before us is a huge one 

3. We're on the clock


What's at stake? This project has been entrusted with resources to help reach the 95% of Ipswich people who aren't connected with any sort of Christian expression of worship...That's right...95%

What's our huge task? To make a dent in the 95 percent by making meaningful contact with 15,000 people outside of the Church, helping 7,500 of them explore faith in order that at least 1,500 of them would continue on a discipleship journey and get plugged into a worshipping community

When does this need to be done by? We have to have a goal in mind to get we're aiming to do all this by 2025. But the mission continues beyond this timeline...and whilst the project will draw to a close, Christians in Ipswich will continue to reach more people and help them become disciples of Jesus.

Why we don't think it's 'mission impossible'

Because we have a Good God who cares about the people of Ipswich 
and wants to use us to grow His Church

The Mission Mindset

Mission underscores everything we do. We want to increasingly adopt
a MISSION MINDSET; where we are always thinking about those not currently
in any sort of church, and how we can go out to meet with them
and help them find faith.

What's exciting about mission?

Mission is about moving, not standing still 

Mission involves risk, not comfort 

Mission involves growth for everyone involved 

A story...
Imagine a lifeboat crew who used to go out in their boats, rescuing those involved in shipwrecks along the coast...

Over time, they develop quite the social scene in the club house, smarten up the building and pull back on the lifesaving activity. 

People lose interest in being part of the lifesaving club without the excitement of the lifesaving mission...numbers drop, and shipwrecks along the coast see many people losing their lives with no one coming to help...


Now imagine getting the chance to clamber back into the boats and get out on the sea to save lives again...

Are you ready?

Who helps us stay on mission?

Our Project Director, Archdeacon Rhiannon

Archdeacon Rhiannon is the project director and the Archdeacon of Ipswich. 

Her inspirational, visionary and imaginative leadership helps drive the project forward towards bigger and better things. 

The Deanery Leadership Team

The Deanery Leadership Team is made up of members of the clergy and lay leaders from the Ipswich Deanery. Their discernment and oversight of what is going on in the deanery and in the project helps keep us all moving together in the same direction. 

The Project Board

The project reports to the Project Board on a monthly basis, who review how the project is progressing, hold the project to account for its targets, address any bumps on the journey, and help enable the best way forward. The Project Board is chaired by Bishop Mike, Bishop of Dunwich. 

Find out more about how Strategic Development Funded projects like ours work...

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*The project has been extended until 2025.

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