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Explore Faith Courses

'Faith' might sound like a bit of an elusive concept...

...but exploring or deepening faith does not have to be a totally mysterious process.

Together as churches and new worshipping communities we are seeking to provide accessible opportunities for people to explore the Christian faith in engaging ways.


Getting equipped to share faith with friends, colleagues, families and neighbours is a great way to deepen your own faith...


"My friend has never been what she would call ‘religious’ and she could never have imagined that she would ever go to church, but when I invited her to an Alpha Course at St Peter’s, Stoke Park, she agreed to go to the first session, quickly adding, “I don’t want to get involved.” “If you don’t enjoy it, there’s no need to come next week,” I assured her. Well, much to her surprise, Molly took an active part, thoroughly enjoyed the sessions, completed Alpha and joined an online weekly Wellbeing Group when it started in September."

3 Recommended Courses for Exploring Faith

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1. The Alpha Course

"I used to think that God was not for me..."

"I have found forgiveness and healing for the things I have done..."

"Knowing Jesus at Alpha changed my life. It changed everything for me."

"Parishioners are beginning to have a heart that really burns to bring Christ to others, share what they believe and become a missionary..."

Youth Alpha

A 9-week series that makes it easy for you to create a space where youth will be excited to engage in conversations about faith

2. Kintsugi Hope Wellbeing Groups

From the second week of the course, I already didn't want it to end...I derived a lot of support and help from the whole experience." - Kintsugi Hope Wellbeing Group Participant

A Kintsugi Hope Wellbeing Group is a safe and supportive space:

  • for people who feel or have felt overwhelmed.

  • providing tools for self-management.

  • in a facilitated peer mentoring style setting.

Issues covered include; disappointment, loss, anxiety, anger perfectionism, shame and resilience.

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"It is so easy to offer an invitation to a wellbeing course - Often far easier than inviting someone to church straight away, particularly as so many people feel the need for some support with their wellbeing. It's such an easy step into exploring faith." - Alicia Holmes

Image by Rodion Kutsaev

3. The Start Course

A simpler 6 week course from Leading Your Church into Growth for those curious about exploring faith. 

Can be a great step towards an invitation to Alpha, or a standalone course! 

Courses Running in Ipswich


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You can also add in any exploring faith courses your church is running by clicking the PLUS icon!


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