Why Inspiring Ipswich?

You've seen the headlines...the trend of church attendance and religious affiliation in this country is angled towards decline...and the story has been the same in Ipswich. 

As part of the Church of England in Suffolk's vision to 'Grow in God' (find out more about it here) Inspiring Ipswich exists to change the narrative from decline to growth.

Check out our vision of growth in existing church communities and new worshipping communities, where anyone and everyone can explore and grow in faith...


How Inspiring Ipswich began and where it's going...

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So that's the big picture...and there are all sorts of different projects and people that are making it happen...


Find out more about:

Read our 'Be Inspired, Be Inspiring' digital brochure! It lays out nine essential pathways we want to prioritise as we plan for growth