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New Worshipping Communities

Reaching new people in new places in new ways

A key part of the Inspiring Ipswich vision is the goal of establishing 20 new communities doing church in new places in new ways by the end of 2024.




Could you start one?

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Fresh expressions

Click each image to read about the New Worshipping Communities which are already in motion. You might want to replicate one of these in your local area, or maybe you've got an idea for something brand new...

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Contact FXC

Our three 'Pioneer Developers' are in place to help you shape and implement your ideas for reaching new people in new ways. If you're interested in establishing a New Worshipping Community, your next step is to have a conversation with the team.

The Pioneer Team 


Alicia Holmes 

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Andy Jefferson


Bob Hamilton


The Mission Innovation Fund

Seed funding to support new contextual, missional activities. Click here to find out more.


ready to put the wheels in motion on your idea?

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