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Be inspired, 
Be inspiring

Find a place to belong in Ipswich where you can be inspired and inspire others to live a life full of joy, faith and love.


 “Being a member of this community has lifted some of my anxiety and depression and strengthened my faith in God." - member of Engage Ravenswood

"After the first lockdown I became involved with Green Church Ipswich...I found that when we were able to meet, being outside and basing our worship around nature had a profound effect on how I view the world around us." - member of Green Church Ipswich

"When I was a lot younger I always thought that church was a place full of older people with an old-fashioned style...but I feel that Bridge Church has really meant that the younger generations can be heard" - member of Bridge Church Ipswich

Find a community that's right for you


Inspiring Ipswich is part of a growing movement of people who want to break the mould and try something new that is relevant to you, where you can discover what church should really be all about...journeying through life together, finding a community that behaves like a family (in the good and the bad), and getting to know the God who loves you and has a purpose for your life. That's why these communities come in different shapes and sizes, meet in all sorts of different places at different times, and don't look like what people think of when they think of 'church.' It's because they exist with people like you in mind...

About these communities

If you want to go through life with others who share a passion, a hobby or particular circumstance with you then this is the place to be! Browse through the communities below by navigating on the map, and click the icon to discover more about each community and find out how to connect...

You'll also find contact information on each which will allow you to speak to someone personally about going along.

All these communities have been established in partnership and consultation with the Church of England in Suffolk and often with a local parish church. Keeping anyone who participates in these groups safe and comfortable is a priority and there will always be an appointed safeguarding officer for every group. Volunteers and leaders working with children and young people are required to undergo DBS checks.


These groups are open to won't need to book, pay or commit straight away. You would be welcome to get stuck in from day 1 or simply go along and give it a go...

What should I expect if I want to join or go along?

Expect to be welcomed no matter what
Expect to enjoy it
Expect to experience lots of familiar things and some new things
Expect to meet both like-minded people, and people who think differently
Expect great conversations and space for honesty 
Expect to want to stick around

Find out more about what to expect from each group specifically by checking them out online using the links in the map


Not sure whether that's the right path for you?

Try an informal course where you can come and go, explore, challenge, and address your big questions about life and faith...


Recent stories from the project

A bit of context...

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Inspiring Ipswich is a six year project which began in 2018.

We are part of the Church of England in Suffolk, and sit within its vision to see flourishing congregations

making a difference.

Find out more about the Church of England in Suffolk's wider vision here

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