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Ipswich Churches

The growth of new and existing churches is essential for realising the Inspiring Ipswich vision.

Inspiring Ipswich promotes shared learning, working together and partnership amongst churches as we seek to communicate good news to our town and make more disciples. 

'Learning Communities' in each existing church are in place to develop and implement plans to help their church grow, each supported by a 'Mission Accompanier.'


Learning Communities ask questions like 'How can we increase our community engagement?' 'What do we have in place to develop discipleship?' 'How can we connect with new people and help them explore faith?'


Have a browse of our map of the churches in our town. Churches in green are 'Church plants,' new worshipping communities set up to reach new people in new ways.

Click the icon to find out what they're up to. 

MAP 2.png
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